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  I was offered my first play doll in 1952. It was a
  Schildkröt celluloid doll with moulded hair and painted

  As a mother I admired most the Sasha Morgenthaler
  dolls for their clearness of design and convincing
  functionality as a good play doll.

  Before designing collectible dolls, I was fascinated by
  thread puppets and theatre performances with puppets.
  I was a member of the puppet theatre "Kleines Spiel" in
  Munich for years.During this time I made many puppets
  also for sale in wood composition or resin.When I saw
  the dolls of the swiss artist Elfriede Schwarzenbach,I cut
  the threads of my puppets and made dolls for children
  and collectors.

  In 1979 I met by chance Hanne Adler- Kruse, the
  daughter and successor of the famous doll designer
   Käthe Kruse. We became friends and some years later
  I designed two dolls for the Käthe Kruse company.

  At the same time in Munich I met Elisabeth Pongratz,
  a talented doll artist. We shared our experiences in doll
  making for many years and held a doll shop together.